Hill no passing

by by Jeff Wilkinson & the Shutterdogs

Songs include Need A Revival, The Last Piece of Real Estate, Hard Luck, Take Home Pay, Five On the Front, Edge Of The World, Strange Dominions, Names of Quilts, The Longest Day, Jackin’ It, This Old Guitar, Turkey Vulture Blues, Need A Revival Reprise.

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Edsel's Retreat

by Jeff Wilkinson and the Shutterdogs

Songs include Fuzzy Soul,Edsel's Retreat,Mill Street, The First Time, Arms of Abram, Crossing the Straits/A Windy Day, Hatboro Girl, The Lost Song, Carpenter in Wintertime, Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Goats & Chickens,Feather in My Cap, You've Got to Sing, Tractor, Tractor, Where Have All The Good Times Gone?

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by Jeff Wilkinson and the Shutterdogs

(European Imprint)

Songs include M-65, Blind Harry, Rusty Chisel, Dead Slow Ahead, Love's Embrace, Rivulet, Katy Kat, Endure, I Told You So, Hats, Red Sky, The Dome, Jeremy's Lullaby and The Balmville Tree.

(Available from Brambus Records)

Album Covers1_2.jpg

Just Luck

by Jeff Wilkinson

Released on Gadfly in the US and Brambus Records in Europe.Available from CD Baby and Brambus Records.

Songs include: John's Dream, Snowtrain, Ballad of Reading Gaol, Stolen Art, Martha's Room, Whirligig, Cat Tongue Blues, Two-Hearted River, Further Down, A Little Love, It's For Real, Jumbo.

Album Covers1.jpg

Brave and True

by Jeff Wilkinson and the Navigators

Released on Beacon Records in the US and on Brambus Records in Europe.

Songs include: Flatbush Fable, Please Give Me Something, When the River Was King, The Town With No Downtown, Shining Brow, Henry Villard's Great Train Ride, One Eye Blind, Jabbering the Hoovervilles, Born into Chrome, The World of Tomorrow, Tell Michael, Headwaiter's Waltz.

Album -Ballads.jpg

Ballads in Plain Talk

by Jeff Wilkinson

Released in Europe On Brambus Records

Songs Include: Big Blue Road, One Eye Blind, Little Italy, 2 Ft. High Umbrella Man, Breakfast at Joe's, Billy Sunday, Pitchin' Pennies, Life on a Political Map, Christmas City, Shelter Of Her Wings, Tell the Man in the Moon, Postage Due, Side of the Road Blues, C'mon Down, Buffalo Bill, Down in Toledo, Debbie Lee

Album PP.jpg

Pitchin' Pennies

by Jeff Wilkinson

Jeff's first album was released on Gadfly Records in the US and is available from CD Baby on CD or directly from the artist as an LP printed on vinyl the old fashioned way with a true silk screened record jacket. Songs Include: Big Blue Road, One Eye Blind, Pitchin' Pennies, Buffalo Bill, 2 Ft. High Umbrella Man, Tell the Man in The Moon, Down in Toledo, Postage Due, Little Italy, Poletown, Breakfast at Joe's.

Musicians:Jeff Wilkinson, Chris Heinzman, Everett Brown, Ray Washington, Jeremy Martin, Chris Martin and Art Lispcomb. Produced by Danny Dallas, David Stewart-Smith and Jeff Wilkinson. Recorded at DunRaven Production Company, Narragansett, RI and Sound Patterns, Detroit, Michigan.